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How to Avoid the Pulled Facelift Look

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Some patients refuse to get surgery to fix their cosmetic issues. They often worry that the results will end up looking unnatural and “too tight”. Traditional facelifts earned a bad rap for being overdone and overdramatic. If you are interested in improving your aesthetic appearance and you want to know how to avoid the pulled facelift look so you can enjoy … Read more

What Is the Best Age for a Brow Lift?

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If you are tired of wrinkles, droops, sags, and other forehead blemishes, you are the perfect candidate for a brow lift in Santa Barbara. Our surgery team will improve the shape of your brow using a combination of techniques and cutting-edge treatment methods so you can look young for many years. Whether you are just starting … Read more

Signs You Picked the Right Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

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Every human on the planet has a unique face, with a combination of features that perfectly represent them. While it is easy to identify someone by looking at their face, what happens when that face changes over time? It is inevitable that the signs of aging will someday take their toll on the body, creating … Read more

How to Reduce Bruising and Swelling After a Brow Lift

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A brow lift is a fantastic procedure that can add an aura of youth and vivaciousness to the upper forehead region of a patient’s face. However, like most invasive surgery procedures, a brow lift can leave behind a period of bruising and swelling after the initial procedure. This period can last for some time after … Read more

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