Breast Reduction

From back pain to uncomfortable rashes, the symptoms of large breasts affect countless women. When your breasts are past a certain size, they can begin causing a range of health problems and unpleasant symptoms. Additionally, many women may have breasts of uneven size. Whatever your case is, a breast reduction can help you achieve breasts that are balanced and the right size for your body.
At Dr. Brent’s plastic surgery center in Santa Barbara, he has helped countless patients achieve a breast size that improves their quality of life. He always works closely with his patients, creating fully-tailored treatment plans that help you reach your goals and needs.






What Does a Breast Reduction Do?

Breast reduction works to decrease the size of either one or both of your breasts. The goal: to eliminate the negative symptoms of large or uneven breasts.

Large or disproportionate breasts can cause a broad range of uncomfortable and painful symptoms. Some common ones include pain in your:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Back
A breast reduction aims to reduce both these and many other symptoms, both physical and psychological. Not only does a breast reduction surgery reduce these symptoms, but it can also create a stunning new shape for your breasts.

How Does the Breast Reduction Procedure Work?

Dr. Brent fully tailors every breast reduction to your unique needs. The amount of reduction and change in shape always is matched to your aesthetic goals.
The procedure usually requires general anesthesia to ensure complete comfort. However, some patients may need only local anesthesia. Though you can go home from the surgery the same day, you will need someone to drive you home.
Dr. Brent carefully moves a strategic amount of fat and tissue to achieve the right breast size. He then moves your nipple into its target position, creating a powerful new aesthetic for your breasts. The total duration typically lasts anywhere from one to three hours.

Before and After

Breast Reduction Before And After Patient 2 Case 4177 Front View
Breast and Nipple Reduction

More Breast Reduction Examples

Types of Breast Reduction Procedures

Dr. Brent offers several variations of breast reduction procedures. After a thorough consultation, you and he can decide which one best suits your needs.


This is the tried-and-true method of breast reduction. By carefully removing tissue and fat, it reduces your breast’s overall mass.


One of the benefits of this method is it requires less time in surgery. Additionally, the healing period is shortened and scarring ends up being much less noticeable.


Some patients may achieve their goals with only liposuction. Using liposuction techniques, Dr. Brent removes any excess fatty breast tissue to reach your target size. One of the benefits is this method has minimal physical trauma and scarring.


Using your own tissue, Dr. Brent creates what is considered an internal bra. This permanent support system allows for a natural shaping effect from the inside. From the outside, you can’t see or feel it at all.


For many patients, simply reducing the breast mass won’t produce their ideal results. By pairing breast reduction with a breast lift, you can significantly improve the shape of your breasts as well. When moved to a higher position, your breasts will achieve a youthful shape and appearance.

How Long Is the Recovery?

Your recovery can vary on several factors, including your health and how much rest you give yourself. Immediately following your surgery, rest will be the biggest help to you. Most patients take at least a full week off from work and any physical activity. During this time, you can expect some bruising and swelling. But these, along with any pain, can be managed with medication.
During those first few weeks, avoiding strenuous activity will be key. Dr. Brent provides each patient with complete instructions for how to have an optimal recovery. And optimal recovery means optimal results.
After about a month, you should begin seeing your nearly final results. However, many patients see their results continue to improve in the following weeks.


You should notice a significant improvement in your symptoms. Pain and discomfort should be way down. Rashes should go away. And overall, your quality of life should improve. Many patients report feeling more confident and at home in their bodies than ever before.

Is Breast Reduction Right for Me?

Below are some signs that this procedure could be what you need.

  • Do you feel self-conscious about your breasts’ size and shape?
  • Is one breast a different size from the other?
  • Do you often have back, neck, or shoulder pain?
  • Do your bra straps dig into your skin, leaving indentations?
  • Is your physical activity limited due to your breasts’ sizes and weight?
  • Do you often have skin irritation or rashes beneath your breasts?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you could likely benefit from a breast reduction. Additionally, we ask that candidates be in overall good health. This includes not smoking before the procedure and while in recovery.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If your breast size has impacted your quality of life, you can take the first steps toward improvement today. When you schedule your consultation, you are taking your body back into your own hands. Your consultation will include a personal meeting with Dr. Brent, where he will work with you to see if this procedure is right for you. Call us today to learn more and get started on enhancing your quality of life.
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