How to Avoid the Pulled Facelift Look


Some patients refuse to get surgery to fix their cosmetic issues. They often worry that the results will end up looking unnatural and “too tight”. Traditional facelifts earned a bad rap for being overdone and overdramatic. If you are interested in improving your aesthetic appearance and you want to know how to avoid the pulled facelift look so you can enjoy good results, you have come to the right place. Below, we cover how to avoid the pulled facelift look.

How to Avoid the Pulled Facelift Look

At the office of certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken in Santa Barbara, we offer a solution that is individually tailored to match your needs. Instead of getting a fake or plastic-looking facelift that you sometimes see on TV, you will get to enjoy a natural lift that can take years of aging off of your appearance. 

Find Out How Facelifts Work

Both you and your surgeon must understand what you are looking to achieve before moving forward with a facelift. The goal of this procedure is to accentuate and enhance your natural facial shape. By uplifting your desired features and getting rid of wrinkly skin, you can get back in touch with your younger self. But an inexperienced surgeon can go too far, pulling the skin back tighter than it is meant to be. This can create a pulled or tightened look. 

Thankfully, pulled facelifts are a thing of the past. Our expert surgical techniques, combined with years of training and our dedication to safety, make us feel confident that we can give you the very best facelift in Santa Barbara.

Enhance More Than Just the Surface of Your Face

A successful facelift addresses the underlying layers of your skin. While you may not be able to see bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments from the outside, these elements work right underneath the skin to keep it looking smooth and taut. A major component of the facelift procedure is dedicated to strengthening, repairing, or relocating certain muscles under the skin. 

Without the necessary experience, a surgeon can make a mistake that damages the skin muscles further, creating undesirable results. You might be like most of our patients who want to get rid of the signs of aging by ironing out wrinkles and getting rid of sagging skin. A facelift will completely refresh and rejuvenate your most beautiful parts.

Follow Instructions During Healing

The precision and care employed by your surgeon can greatly determine your results. However, there are some elements of the healing process that are within your control as well. Along with the healing instructions given to you by your surgeon, make sure to take good care of your skin through daily health habits. 

Some common facelift recovery requirements include: 

  • Keeping your head elevated above your chest to prevent bleeding or blood clotting
  • Avoiding clothing that presses tightly against your face while changing
  • Protecting your skin from the sun by wearing SPF protection before going out
  • Attending your follow-up appointment to make sure you are healing properly
  • Do not wear makeup or cosmetics until your doctor has given you the green light

Some areas of your face will be bruised and swollen in the days following your facelift procedure. Make sure not to pick at the scabs or else they will turn into visible scars. Take prescribed painkillers and use gentle cold compresses if you are in a lot of pain.

Continue Visiting Your Surgeon After Your Appointment

Like most surgical treatments, facelifts are not a one-and-done kind of procedure. You will need to attend several follow-up appointments with your surgeon throughout the recovery process. It is a good idea to visit your doctor a few times after your facelift to make sure you are healing well. If something has gone wrong throughout recovery, you can address it right away. These appointments are here to ensure that any negative side effects are treated and other concerns are answered as soon as possible.

Depending on the type of facelift you have opted into, you might have surgical bandages on your face. Certain bandages can only be removed by medical staff, so you will need to stop by for a follow-up visit to change your bandages. As you continue to recover, you can switch to smaller and less visible bandage types. 

Get Real, Natural-Looking Facelift Results Today

Our Santa Barbara team is passionate about delivering unique results that suit our patients’ biggest cosmetic needs. Your face is one of the most important things about you. And you deserve to feel amazing about the way it looks. Take advantage of your opportunity for a customized facelift in Santa Barbara by getting in touch with our friendly team today!


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