What Is the Best Weight for Liposuction?


If you ask a random person what liposuction is for, they will likely tell you it is used for weight loss. Liposuction is a fat-harvesting procedure that can remove excess fat cells from different areas of the body. However, it is a misconception that liposuction assists with weight loss. The truth is that liposuction is designed to help with contour and shape. It is not a magic weight removal surgery. Most patients become good candidates for liposuction only after they have committed to an ideal exercise and diet routine. We look at what is the best weight for liposuction.

What Is the Best Weight for Liposuction?

Another misconception is that you have to fall within a specific weight range to be considered for liposuction in Santa Barbara. At our practice, we are happy to address these misnomers to help you understand the real benefits of the procedure. If you have ever asked, “What is the best weight for liposuction?” Or, “How much weight will liposuction help me lose?” Then this article is for you.

It Is About Body Type, Not Weight

It is almost impossible to determine if you will be good candidate for liposuction based on your body weight alone. You need to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Brent Moelleken and provide details about your ultimate body goals. The surgeon will consider the look you are trying to achieve as well as the work you have already finished to determine if liposuction is a natural next step.

Getting the Look You Want

Liposuction is typically used as an assistive tool to help you cross the finish line with your goals. Anyone who has a specific weight or body style in mind is likely working towards that goal every day. Daily exercise routines paired with a healthy diet can help you make significant bodily changes.

But in some cases, this work alone is not enough. There may still be some pockets of stubborn fat left over that you just cannot burn off no matter what you do. This is where liposuction comes in handy. You can utilize our cosmetic surgery options to touch up your figure while helping you maintain permanent results.

Weight Loss Requirements

While liposuction is not directly focused on weight loss, the amount of fat in your body can determine the success of the procedure overall. There are a few rare cases where you may have to lose weight before liposuction. This usually only happens when patients visit us for a consultation before starting on their diet and exercise regimens.

Have you been committing to your body for a long time? Do you believe you have gone as far as you can with your own routine? Then you likely do not have to lose weight. Others who have gained excessive weight or who are having trouble starting a workout routine may be asked to lose a few pounds first. This just helps the liposuction treatment become more effective in the long run.

Changing Your Life for the Better

Your surgery team cares about more than just your liposuction. It is important to speak with a health professional who can encourage you to participate in good habits every day. By establishing certain lifestyle changes, it will only become easier and easier to take care of yourself.

Once you receive liposuction, you must continue with your new routines in order to keep your figure looking as good as it does post-surgery. Your lifestyle changes are a commitment that you need to hold up your part of for the rest of your life. Make sure you incorporate exercise into your schedule – especially if you are sitting at an office job all day. It is still possible to gain weight back after liposuction, so you want to be more cautious with how you treat your body moving forward.

Get Great, Long-Lasting Results from Liposuction Today

Your trusted Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon has designed a range of unique liposuction treatments for patients from all walks of life. We can help you make the changes you want to see in your body, whether they be subtle or dramatic. Liposuction is used to assist your weight loss journey, rather than contributing to it.

Do you have questions and concerns about liposuction? Or want to start the next step in your body transformation journey? Contact our office at any time. You can schedule a personal consultation with us to explore the different ways in which liposuction can add to your daily routine. Through good habits of self-care and routine treatment, you can achieve the contoured look you have always wanted to have.

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