The Season of the 40-year-old Facelift


Many plastic surgeons are seeing a surge in requests for facial plastic surgery due to what is called the “Zoom Boom.”  The American Academy of Facial and Plastic reconstructive surgery reckons that the pandemic has led to a 10% increase in cosmetic surgery across the country.  Most patients are in their 40’s that are seeking these facial cosmetic surgeries. While facelifts were previously geared toward older individuals, there have been modern advances in surgical techniques tailored specifically to the younger face. Dr. Brent has patented several procedures, such as LiveFill® and USIC Cheek Lift®, that offer a more natural looking result with less recovery time and minimal scarring.  The popularity of non-surgical treatments (e.g., Botox and fillers) has become normalized with this demographic and they are now seeking more long-term solution such as a facelift.  Dr. Brent uses his trademark 360° Facelift® and numerous other procedures for obtaining a natural ear and hairline appearance with minimal evidence of surgery.

Plastic Surgeons Say This Is the Summer of 40-Something-Year-Olds Getting Facelifts – Plastic Surgery Practice

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